I said I was taking a break, but I need to dust myself off. Today is too important as it marks a vital chance to highlight the transgender community beyond our individual life circles.

If you can safely be visible, join us in expressing your personal battles, joy, sadness, struggles, fears, victories, losses, loves.. your existence.

In another year where our collective lives are played with by far right legislation written by people who wish to erase us rather than learn about us. We exist, we fight, we proudly stand. From our first steps out into the world bravely showing who we truly are, to battling as a group for our very survival, we are all siblings.

The sum of a human being’s existence is not fixed at conception. We are a constantly changing beacon of life, a mass of cells that comes together in a myriad of beautiful & amazing ways. Those cells are driven to change based on more than an initial blueprint. Somehow, someway, there are those of us who are different than the basic human model. We are not deviants who chose a lifestyle, or evil, or sinners because we do not fit a false conception that there are only two molds. We are just honest about who we actually are.. bravely, boldy honest!

The slurs & lies used by those who push conformity & peddle in fear can’t stop every brave step you each take when you say unapologetically, “no, this is me.” You create change. You make the world brighter & better.

Pictured above shows the first time in March of 2015 that I finally was able to publicly step into the world & say “this is me & I’m just going about my day.” The lady at Goodwill gave me a caring smile & gentle nod as my quiet voice thanked her for my purchases. I knew I stood out, but I didn’t care, it was time to just be me.

Today, after all of the obstacles of trans healthcare, barriers in legal recognition of my gender, 65lbs of body weight lost, & 40 years of the weight of conformity lost, I am Ariana. I am beautiful, confident, happy in my existence as a whole human being. I will not be erased.

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