New glasses that I am kind of in love with, so there will be many pictures in this post.. also I have hit my 22 month HRT mark! Those 22 months amount to over 44 incidents of me successfully injecting myself. Here is to another 40 to 50 years of doing the same! Oye!

Anyway, back to the glasses. Here are some alternating shots to compare the old vs the new..

20160901_114041 20160901_201601-2

20160901_114048 20160901_201546-2

I really love my new glasses. I think it is obvious with how I could not stop grinning.


By the way, my future’s so bright.. I gotta wear..




That’s right.. new shades too.

I was feeling particularly upbeat and I think it showed because as I went back out later in the day random people were talking with me and striking up polite conversations. I went out for coffee with my friends Dan and Krystyna and she asked if I changed makeup or something because I was glowing.

I think I was just feeling confident and very “me” with my new glasses and being able to enjoy the beautiful weather in this short dress.