I took a vacation day today and made the most of it. I skipped out on my unpacking/new place setup. Instead, I got up early and headed to the salon where I actually had my legs waxed for the first time. I read that flowy clothes are best for your skin after that, so I decided to wear one of the few dresses that I own. After my leg waxing, I had my nails done and a morrocan oil blowout 🙂 I then had a little mini-photo-shoot in the salon bathroom before I ruined my blowout in the humidity outside.

I met my friend Krystyna at the Riverwalk Cafe which is also a major Pokemon Go spot (reached level 15 today). It was a little hot and humid out, but I chose to walk from the salon to the cafe. After lunch, Krystyna snapped that pic of me on the bridge, then we walked around town a little bit. The owner of the salon gave me a “It’s on me” card to give to Krystyna so she could try any service she wanted. We walked back to the salon so she could see their setup. After that we stopped at the chocolate cafe where they have a very healthy dark chocolate option for me (dairy and gluten free).

Finally, I had a movie night (Suicide Squad) hosted by the women’s group that I have become a part of. We went out for some food and drinks afterward. I continue to make new friends in that awesome group.

I watched the remainder of the opening ceremony of the Olympics after I got home. I love the Olympics, I can’t get over some of the negative comments I have seen online where people are indifferent to them or think they have outlived their purpose. What does that even mean to those people?? The Olympics showcase brief moments when the world comes together and the parade of nations shows us glimpses of beautiful people from all over the world who are making their dreams come true.



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p.s. The last photo was the “before” to show that my curly hair is still around even though I have not been rockin’ it much lately. Oh, and I passed my 21 month HRT mark 🙂