Today was a beautiful day. Thanks to my Mom meeting me for dinner a few weeks back, and to my Dad saying that he too was now ready to see me.. I was able to take my kids to my home town and see my parents, both of my sisters, and my nephew in person finally as my true self. I came out to my parents as transgender just over 11 months ago. Up until March 28th, I had been shifting back to guy mode to visit them and give them time to adjust. In the pictures above (in order) are my little nephew, his Mom (my younger sister) and my older sister. Everyone was warm and welcoming. My Dad hugged me hello, and maybe did not converse with me as much as normal, but he offered me coffee just as always and I sat next to him at lunch. He also hugged me goodbye along with everyone else. The timing of this is great as I now turn my attention to my official name change next week and all of the work that will entail with work, financial institutions, memberships, etc. I could not have begun this next week on a better note. Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting me and I know it is still hard, but I am so grateful and happy to feel comfortable visiting the home I grew up in as my true self. Also, one reason I had some bathroom selfies above is that when I was 11 years old I had a very vivid and lucid dream where I stood before that same bathroom mirror and saw my boyish form change before my eyes into a brunette girl. I remember waking up from that dream and being upset it was just a dream. Well.. that dream finally came true. -Ari