I am very lucky to be able to live so close to an amazing bike path and forest preserve. I had today off and decided to enjoy it fully by getting some sun and some exercise.

Look at this glorious view right on the path:

The sunshine and great weather boosted my mood even higher (although I was already feeling pretty great today) **Edit.. after crying out some stress that is!**

I waved to every person I met along the path (some walking and some riding).

The blue helmet may have clashed with my top, but I still felt cute in the outfit.

I have decided I need more days like this one. Now if the weather will just cooperate!


Addendum: It took reviewing my photos to even recall this.. but this very same day had started out with me feeling very out of sorts. I was focusing too much on everything that at times overwhelms me (the divorce process and supporting two households, money being very tight, not being able to take the transition steps I want to take, my voice constantly announcing to the world I am trans, people still calling me ‘sir’ on the phone.. ugh). I took some photos while trying to will myself up out of that funk. It is at that point when I decided to make sure I got outside later that afternoon for a bike ride because I knew I needed it. Endorphins are incredible things and the sunshine and beautiful scenery sure can help. I included these images too, just to document and remind myself that it really is possible to pull myself out a funk like that…