On my way to Birmingham, AL for two all day meetings. The last time I went on a trip to my home office, I felt a ton of anxiety, but this time I am just kind of looking forward to it now that I am all packed and ready πŸ™‚
Things started on a very positive note. My team and I went to Chilis in the terminal. The bartender was a sweet guy who at one point said to me β€œhere you go, young lady.” I wasn’t the one running the tab either so he was not just angling for a good tip. He is now my favorite new bartender πŸ™‚ Thanks Mike the Bartender, that made my day!
Delayed flight due to maintenance πŸ™ Hair up because this plane is fully boarded and about 92 degrees in the cabin. It’s hot!


Take two with a new plane roughly 2 hours later πŸ™ much cooler at least!

Turbulence ahead! We are approaching some storms…

Heading right into it.. ever feel really small?

Made it safe and sound and I love my hotel room!

Heading out for dinner and drinks and tomorrow it is time to work!