Healthy Days –

I am dealing with a lot these days. Work is incredibly busy, and I am having to find time to meet with my lawyer to go over divorce documents, which brings stress, aggravation, and lots of various feelings. It is very important that I don’t slip in my own self-care though. I have been able to get out and exercise some recently. My biggest secret though is my diet of no junk food, no fast food, no dairy, and no gluten. I have been able to take much better care of myself since beginning to transition. It is amazing what being true to yourself can do for your overall health. That should come as no surprise, when you think about it. What is surprising though is the complete turn around in my health.

I have written about it elsewhere, but I was nearly 245 lbs, pre-diabetic, on cholesterol medication, and suffering from heart palpitations prior to transitioning. I have at this point lost 65 lbs and have reversed all of those health conditions.

I can not stress enough how important it is to let transgender people live as their true selves.

People following my blog are throwing praise at me and saying that I am glowing.. it is not from me being “better” than anyone at anything.. it is just that I am free and happy and that I can love myself now. I also am thriving socially and have never been more confident. It all shows on the surface after a while..

Be true to yourself and love yourself. Then, it will be easier than ever to focus on your health and happiness will be a by-product.