Happy 4th (early) to those in the states. The weather was absolutely perfect today to enjoy the Ribfest out here. I scored a bunch of free stuff at the various tents and had a great time hanging out with two friends.


I was able to hear 3 Doors Down do their sound check and heard several cover bands that sounded really good.

I had some excellent spicy chipotle pulled pork and the girls and I grabbed some smoothies as well.

The kettle corn above was called Fruity Fourth I think. It was good and is already in mah belly!

I am behind on posting both here and at arianadanielle.com and have several things to catch up with on that over the holiday weekend. Part of the reason I have been missing in action is that I am scheduled to move in less than two weeks. It took a ton of free time to acquire the new place. I am only moving 2 miles away but still have to do all the work! It is a bit of an upgrade in accommodations so it will definitely be worth the effort 🙂

In other news, I have hit 20 months HRT. Also, while I have been rocking the straight hair lately, my curls bounce right back when I let them. It has been fun being able to switch my hair style back and forth.

Oh, and the hat is new.. I did not wear it with that top – talk about pattern overload!