I had several friends check in on me yesterday to see how I was doing in relation to the horrible news of the day. At first when reading about Orlando, I was just numb and angry. Then, I started to click through some of the photos of the survivors and family members of victims. That’s when I began to cry and without really thinking about why, I snapped a picture.

With my transition, I had been in the habit of capturing photos/selfies during times of strong emotion. Usually, that is for happy reasons.

I did not want to post this yesterday because it almost seems like trying to make the tragedy about me. Well.. it is.. it is about all of us. It is about those in the LGBTQ community and all of those outside of it. It is about how we relate or don’t relate, how we tolerate or do not tolerate, how we love and accept or how we do not love and accept.

I am posting a few pictures today just because I want to show the hurt that I feel, the solidarity that I feel, and the determination to not stop writing about my life and experiences and trying to be a positive spark for change within my own sphere of influence.20160612_130118-COLLAGE-2

Here is a photo I took before meeting my friends to go to a gaming store and out for coffee. We decided to keep our plans because altering them seemed wrong. I threw on a rainbow heart necklace that I had been thinking of wearing during pride month. I could think of no better time to wear it. My friends and I walked around town a bit. I saw at least one person look closely at my necklace and noticed a change in their demeanor, it was a sad partial smile.

I of course later saw articles and posts with hate directed at the LGBTQ community. Comments such as “at least it was just gays” were posted all over social media by those filled with hate.

Like this simple little necklace, I am choosing to fill my heart with love for my fellow human beings. It should be that simple.