As I mentioned in my recent post about the swimming party, I am very grateful to have become a part of a group of women who are fast becoming good friends. Today we went to the opening weekend of the Bristol Renaissance Fair just across the Illinois/Wisconsin border.

It was an incredible day! I borrowed the dress I am wearing above from one of my friends. The flower crown was something I picked up at Clair’s Boutique. Finally, my brown bag that I am clutching (I didn’t mean to give a thumbs up in the fourth picture, I was just holding my bag), was made as a special order from a local girl that makes dice bags for table top gaming. I asked her if she could make one that was double the size so I could use it as a bag-of-holding 🙂 She somehow matched my dress perfectly even though she only saw a photo of it.

I would give the Faire rave reviews. The performers, vendors, and even the attendees (most of whom also dress up) all work together to make a fun festival atmosphere. I had always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Being able to go as my true self was worth the wait 🙂 The only drawback there was the long wait to use the ladies’ “Flushable Privies.”

I received several compliments on my outfit from random people, which I will take as a good sign that I hit the mark on trying to fit the period 😉 I included one last photo there of the boots I was wearing. They were new ones from Payless and even though they fit me well, my feet are killing me because the shoes were not “broken in.” Well they are now! A pro-tip if you go to the Faire, the terrain is rough and rocky. Prepare your feet!

More big news and posts to follow soon. The Year of Ari marches on!