An amazing thing happened today… For the past many months, I have been flipping from the real me back to an attempt at ‘boy mode’ in order to give my kids and parents time to adjust (otherwise I am full time just being myself). I had shown the kids pictures of the new and improved me a couple of weeks ago since they said they were ready to see them. Today felt like a good time to ask if it was okay if I picked them up just being myself. They agreed. The first thing my daughter said was, “You look nice!” – while my son said “Yeah, and it’s not that much different!” As we drove, I asked if they were freaking out yet or not and my son said, “No, I just feel happy :)” While my daughter said, “I thought I would be freaked out, but I am not at all.” The stress and anticipation while wondering about what it would be like was gone once they began spending time with the real me. They quickly realized that I am still just Dad, but happier being myself with them.