Exciting news – I have a blog post that has been featured on Huffington Post!

My post is part of their “Journey Beyond the Binary” blog series. It was posted yesterday (June 20th 2016) and today it was selected as the “Featured Post” in the Transgender Voices section! I was given access to a blogger/contributor account and I am hoping this opportunity extends beyond this series. I am very excited to be starting to have a little bit stronger of a voice for the transgender community.

If you wish to see more of my writing on Huffington Post, please visit the post ( http://huff.to/29LO8w9) and my main blog page there (http://huff.to/29fZ3fU) and like/share etc. Also, if you are so inclined please message or tweet to the editors of HuffPost and let them know you are grateful for their blog series and maybe mention my post or my other writing on my website (http://arianadanielle.com).

Thank you all for the support you have shown me. When I brazenly declared this the “Year of Ari” on January 1st, I never expected this!