News Flash: 42 Year old transgender woman goes on a bike ride, startles unknown male neighbor who smiles and waves like, “Hey, Girl!”

Heehee 🙂 I did round the corner a little too quick and the guy was just turning around to walk back from tossing his trash in the dumpster. He went from a startled half-jump to his best attempt at a Joey Tribbiani “How you doin’” smile in about a micro-second.

I did smile back real quick as I blew past him.

It has been about a year since I posted pictures that were this revealing. That is NOT what this blog is about. This is for all of those wonderful transgender women who are around my age. You all have been coming out of the woodwork lately to thank me for sharing my story and sharing how I give you hope. It does mean a lot to me to hear that.

Seeing pictures of me in workout gear makes it seem like I lost all of my weight from working out (over 65lbs). However it was more like 5% working out (I only ride a bike to work out-that’s it), 45% just from changing the way I eat and at least 50% just from giving up on trying to be what the world told me I was. Being who you really are at your core is the best way to improve your core! (trademark on that statement for my upcoming book – if I write one).

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather (assuming it is fall by you).

I am approaching my 2 year HRT anniversary, which is another reason I felt it was time to post some better “results” shots. Of course, the sports bra tends to hide some of the results.

Don’t get too used to seeing mah belly!