It was time to go to Ikea to get a shelving unit for my dining room. I needed a place to store the plethora of board games that my kids and I wanted to keep handy. It was a lot of work with something like 11 pieces to it all scattered throughout the warehouse floor of Ikea. A few of them I really should not have been carrying by myself, but I was able to make it work using some leverage and strategic positioning of the push cart 😉

When I got home one of my neighbors saw me hauling all of the boxes in and she offered to help. This particular neighbor is the one I have spoken to the most here so far. I told her fairly quickly that I am transgender and other than having a few of the usual questions it did not phase her at all. She also had said that if anyone give me trouble I better tell her right away 😉

After we hauled in the boxes, I showed her my place and we talked for a bit. She is very kind and offered to introduce me to more of the neighbors later that night, which she did 🙂