Having a busy but fun week! Time to catch up with you all.. Tuesday I got up early with my kids for my son’s orthodontic appt. I had a ton of energy that day and after working from home, I decided to knock out my taxes that evening while my daughter watched a recording of the Oscars next to me. I finished the federal filing and just need to wrap up my state taxes later. This is the first time I filed taxes including earnings directly from Twitch. It’s fun to see a 1099-misc form from Twitch Interactive with your name on it. I guess I am a pro streamer now?! 😏😂 btw my channel is twitch.tv/maidenariana Anyway, after all of that, I went to bed feeling like I lived two days in one! Stay tuned for another post tonight.. #taxtime #girlslikeus #hairupdo #girlswithglasses #twitchaffiliate

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