Well now you can! (Please excuse the corny commercial language lol)
So because I’m constantly thinking about where my next meal is coming from, how to make money, etc. I recently came up with an idea. UberEATS, a food delivery service, has a $15 off promo code for first time users. I can get FREE FOOD if people are kind enough to lend me their time so I can send you the promo code and my friend’s address. To prove I’m a real person, here is a link to my Facebook.
You can message that or you can message me on here to let me know you’re interested. To compensate for your time, I can draw you a picture or write you a short story and send it to you 🙂 There are examples of my artwork on my Facebook.
Here is a link to my fundraiser that provides more information about my situation and evidence of it as well.
If you have a cell phone that downloads apps and 5 minutes to spare, you’ll be helping a marginalized and disadvantaged trans person who has suffered from severe child abuse survive and you’ll be getting artwork/a story out of it!
Thanks for reading and I’d appreciate it if you’d signal boost this post 🙂

I believe this to be totally legitimate. Please help Colton if you can. Donate if you can, but he has also added a creative way to help him out even if you are just able to order food

for him

using a coupon code.


I misunderstood the uber eats coupon code at first you all (thought it was an affiliate thing or something). The code is meant to be used to order food directly for Colton so please understand that! I corrected my text. Silly me trying to do this too fast on my phone. -Ari