Below is a backlogged post originally from Instagram. For those that want to follow me more real time on there please send me a message and I may give you a link. I tend to post regularly on there then most of the posts also end up on tumblr later. While compliments and well wishes are great, I don’t want lewd comments or fetish driven creepiness though so if you follow me there keep it clean and polite! I don’t treat instagram and tumblr as dating sites so just stop that nonsense with me. You may notice how people sometimes post gross comments on my blog posts here (usually it is from guys with a body part as their profile pic) but then they are gone later.. because they are blocked as soon as I see them. Anyway, this message is for all the wonderful people that actually care also about what I have to say and about how things are going in my life.. you are invited to follow me on instagram. Anyway here is what I posted Monday…


Crushing it at work today. Fixed a last second bug right before a go no go meeting.. worked ahead and finished two “stories” that were planned for next sprint. Oh and look at the little outfit I put together from items I bought years apart 😉