Ariana Invades San Francisco – 01/20/2018

Part 2 – (see my blog history for part 1)

I woke up feeling great on my first full day in San Francisco. My friend Jo and I planned to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. We got ready as fast as we could sharing only one bathroom and we were off! We stopped at a nearby diner for a quick breakfast. It was nothing spectacular, just good, quick, and cheap (cash only!) breakfast food.

Of course, we took lots of pictures at the tourist spot most commonly visited for Golden Gate pictures 🙂

It was so nice out I actually took my coat off for a bit out there!

Notice the stone structure behind me in this^^ picture? I asked Jo to help me take a photo while I posed on it. This is the result from her phone camera. This is not altered in any way other than some cropping of the wide angle..

She did a great job directing me on where to place my hands. Thanks for being patient with me to make a memorable pic Jo! 😉

After taking a ton of other pictures there, we headed to an Irish Bar called Johnny Foley’s Irish House for a couple of drinks. I tried Magner’s Irish Hard Cider for the first time and loved it.

Once we finished our drinks, we decided to not miss the opportunity to walk in the Women’s March. 

It was amazing. The energy of the crowd was this odd mix of positivity, frustration, hope, anger, unity and power that is hard to describe. 

I took the following picture right after the march by a very stylish public toilet..

About mid-way through the march, I thought to turn on my Strava app to map the route. You can see the point when I turned it on in Blue. The march ended by the Embardcadero, then we walked all the way back to the hotel. The finish icon marks the relative starting point of our walk to even get to the march. 

Needless to say, I was a bit tired, especially since I was 9 weeks post-op and technically still recovering. I did all of this walking in my tall black boots, which may not have been smart, but they did not hurt too badly.

I really wanted a nap, but it was time to get ready for a night out. I will continue from this point in Part 3 later this week. Again, this all happened the weekend of 1/19 to 1/21 so those of you giving me recommendations of what to see in San Fran, you are a week late! 😉

Also – I am about to stream tonight (8:30 pm central on 01/28/2018). I am going to be playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on my Twitch channel with some awesome girl gamers. You should check it out!

-Ariana (only if you can! Still many medical bills to pay)

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