Thank you for 10K followers Instagram. That’s amazing. I’m humbled at the number of people that choose to follow my life. As I look at out at you all in this post, I have something I want to say. My social media presence on various platforms has always been about showing through my modest successes and growing happiness that #transgender people are human beings who can overcome #hatred #bigotry #stigma #socialmediaattacks #discrimination & more to just be themselves and soar and defy and live and love and win.

Many people that follow me must not carefully read my hashtags and once in a while send me shocked messages such as “wait, you’re trans? What does that mean for you exactly?” (an actual recent dm I recieved) #waityouaretrans

The stigma of being attracted to, wanting to date, or loving a transgender woman, causes fear and shame in far too many people (not just men). You are attracted to us. You should be. We are all pretty amazing people and over time we find our strength, confidence, and a power which emanates from us and translates to a beauty flowing from within that attracts people of all persuasions. I get it. Among several other gender classifications, I date transgender women too because we are the bomb. The difference is, I will proudly proclaim that I date transgender women and far too many people out there keep their attraction hidden, are wrongly ashamed of it and will even attack or kill to keep it a secret. There have been 3 deaths in 1 week.

Stop this nonsense. Accept your love of transgender people as normal because it is. Then, decide to protect us by no longer staying silent when friends or family throw out disgusting messages of #transhate or poke fun at a friend who hits on a girl that “might be trans.” Abolish the use of terms in your friend group that demean us or make us seem less than human. Tell your mates to cut it out and that you think it’s wrong to hate on people. It’s as simple as that, acknowledging we are people!
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End The Stigma

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