This weekend I am having a blast reconnecting with a bunch of old friends at a gaming convention in Milwaukee. I totally got my geek on with a WWI themed dress for part of the event and flew rather well considering how long it has been. This is a great group of people and I was quickly welcomed back into the fold. Of course, there were 7 people that reintroduced themselves to me informing me that we had never met (I knew them pre-transition though, some of them for several years. It has been 4 years since I attended one of these events though and I look a little different now! 😉

This is a very unforgiving but rewarding table top game that has been around since the 60s and recreates the feel of participating in WWI air combat. I had some excellent missions and some that ended extremely badly.. but they were all a blast.

In “The Big Game,” where we had 25 players another player and I shot someone down the first turn, then I proceeded to complete my bombing mission setting a large weapons depot on fire.

At my suggestion, on Friday we all had dinner at a bar and grill joint called Amelia’s, which celebrates Amelia Earhart. I also had the pleasure of trying two “new to me” hard ciders. One is a sour cherry cider and the other is a coffee cider!

Yep.. it’s great to be a board game geek 😉