These photos were both taken on Monday. On the left, 2:39am & on the right, just before I began to stream later that day. Why is she sharing this? Is she okay? You might ask many questions based on the picture on the left. Why did i even take that photo?

The short answers are yes I am “fine” and I took the picture to remember how I was feeling. When I struggle to sleep or I am really “experiencing the feels,” I sometimes take a picture. I look back upon my week or my month and look for patterns as to when and why I might be experiencing a tough time.

Here is the thing. These days it is truly about 80 to 90 percent of the time I am doing just great. There are days though when I slow down a bit and just begin to experience a time where things have built up and I need to just shut down and let the emotions take hold.

I am kind of an emotional sponge (an ENFP, the E is very marginal). I have an over abundance of empathy for those that I care about and I tend to also take on and hurt when members of my family or friends are hurting. I don’t always show it in the moment when conversing with them. I try to be what they seem to need me to be for them, but then later when I am off on my own.. boom 💥

Lately, a lot of people I care deeply about are struggling for a variety of reasons. This affects me even though my personal situation is currently relatively okay.. good even. But, I hate feeling powerless and very early Monday morning I felt powerless and frustrated.

I am not looking to be showered with attention or concern here.. I mainly post this just to say.. I am NOT my best selfie. I’m human and experience a wide range of good and bad times just like anyone else. My outlook is almost always positive these days and for that I am very grateful. I am glad to know many of you personally and you all collectively help me just as much as anything I have ever posted has helped you.

There is a reason I am still on social media after all this time. I keep meeting amazing people through it! Love you all! ❤

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