Time to rapidly catch up on posts.. this was from Saturday 2/2/19. My instagram is where I stay more up to date by the way..
Going to see how long this here zebra chick can last at a friend’s movie night. Still feeling pretty good with my recovery and my energy level is rising 😊😃
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backlog post from 2/1/19
After 7.5 days in relative solitary confinement.. I have emerged! My stitches have not all dissolved yet, but today I was able to get the 5+ inches of snow off of my car, pickup my kids, drop off my daughter to where she needed to be, and then did a week’s worth of grocery shopping with my son’s help. Technically, I am still not supposed to lift more than 10 pounds, so I did all of this rather gingerly. I am feeling great though! Still plan to write up a post soon with details of my surgery for those inquiring minds. Also, I worked from home all week and my team got our latest deployment out in time. Yay us!
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backlogged post from 01/28
I’m still stuck taking it very easy recovering from outpatient surgery. So, I went with just moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara today. I’m kind of liking it 😉 I did get to catch up with a great friend who came over though. She moved my car for me too because of all of the snowfall (so the space would get plowed tomorrow). She’s the best!
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