How to Recover from a Holiday in Boy Mode

My last post explained how I had to be in boy mode while visiting family at my parents house. My Dad commented that once I got home I would probably spend the evening having fun setting up my new Kindle Fire (it was a nice gift). However, what I really did the moment I got in was take a shower, shave my whole body, wash and condition my hair, then practice doing a straightening blow out 😉 It turned out so nice that I decided to do my makeup (although no eye makeup – thank you glasses!). The pics above are the result. Also, I can’t even accurately describe the difference in how I felt between getting back home in boy mode and then how I felt while taking these pics. After two and half days of dressing how other people want to see me, I was feeling horribly weighed down and just blegggh! Many of you know exactly what I mean. While taking these pictures I just could not stop smiling. I felt lighter than air and like my true self once again.

Don’t get me wrong, I did manage to enjoy my time with my family. My kids were there, so no matter how I am dressed, that improves my overall mood. They are amazing kids. Also, I got to spend time playing with my two year old nephew – he is the son of the sister I have who supports me 100%. Seeing my sister also helped so much. We even had a chance to talk privately while she was finishing wrapping presents. I removed my “boy-mode cover-up sweater” and showed her my “progress” and she was most impressed 😉

Thank you all for the many nice messages and re-blogs of my last post. It meant a lot to me and I was checking my phone often during the last few days. It seemed like there was always a supportive message at just the right time. You ALL ROCK!!


I had promised to post a few more photos from last week when I went to the Holiday Party.

The first two are from just after leaving the salon. I had my hair blown straight, then curled with a curling iron back into temporary ringlets that I could gently brush out a little more with my fingers before I would leave for the party. I think it turned out pretty well and a little fancier than my normal somewhat unruly curly hair 🙂

The third photo was from a quick bathroom break at Fruitful Yield where I stopped to just get a smoothie.

The fourth pic is me in my coat just before leaving for the night.

Finally pic #5 is a photo at the event I wanted to share once I had permission. This is me and my new friend Mirya. This was the second time we had a chance to hang out at an event like this and have been chatting ever since 🙂 We both have a lot in common and have become fast friends.

Holiday Shopping at the Mall

I have been working crazy hours this week and even though I needed to, I did not think I would be able to get out tonight to do some Holiday shopping at the mall. Thanks to Holiday hours however, I was able to arrive by 9pm and shop for a couple of hours. Walking around a mall as my true self is one thing I had yet to do since I began my transition. It was great! I got a lot of exercise walking the entire mall (both levels). I stopped at Macy’s to get some makeup brush cleaner, then I was off to BAM (Books a Million) to buy some Dr. Who related stocking stuffers 😉 My two goals for the trip completed, I was able to browse for myself. I did not end up buying anything for myself, but then I spotted Tardis earrings at Hot Topic and bought those for my daughter (she just got her ears pierced 😉

I was only asked to show my ID at Hot Topic, the young guy there took the time to do his job right and looked at the name. As I pulled my ID from my purse, I said in my sweetest voice, “I look a little different now.” He blushed and said “That’s no problem!” lmao

I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂 I needed a fun night like this after all of the stress I have been under.