Okay you all.. I kind of had abandoned my blog on tumblr after it seemed like tumblr was dying off.. but it is still here and so are a lot of good people. So, I have 6 months worth of Instagram and website blog posts to catch up on posting here to tumblr! I will be posting 5 to 10 a day to catch up! Sorry for taking over your feed for a bit! -Ariana

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Originally posted to instagram 04/21/2019

Having celebrating Easter yesterday with family, I went on an hour long 9 mile bike ride today and had a pinecone fall a foot from my head, met some bluegill at my favorite Forest Preserve, saw a huge 3.5 to 4 foot Crane (I think that’s a crane), and some black birds lurking in trees that looked like vultures. Oh and I swallowed a bug and also caught several in my cleavage. 😬 It was a blast ☺ After a much needed shower and a little prep time for a very exciting trip I’m taking this week, it is GoT tonight with friends!
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