Thank you so much to @squeeekin for doing a complimentary correction on my pink highlights that did not take well last time and faded faster than expected. It looks amazing and I really needed the lift the salon appointment gave me today. A lot is suddenly going wrong around me and money is super tight due to car repairs and catching up on other bills. I have had to cancel a bunch of plans with friends and put off prescription refills the past week due to sudden financial constraints. I am no stranger to having to shift things around and still make ends meet somehow and pay for the things my kids need. My daughter and I did essentials only grocery shopping this week and I made some killer sloppy joes and sriracha chicken for meals (with lots of leftovers) so my kids still ate well when they were with me. I will get back ahead of everything financially soon. I work too hard not to. #stickwithit #igotthis #gottakeepsmiling #positivity #girlslikeus #transvengers #blondehair #pinkpeekaboohighlights #peekaboohighlights #girlswithglasses #lgbt #shorthairstyles #hairbob #bobhaircut #maybeishouldbuyalottoticket #twitchaffiliate

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