Curly, straight, fuschia, blonde, brunette, stylish, tall, athletic, demure, strong, sweet, kind, empathic, compassionate, cute, brilliant, beautiful, sexy, free, happy, fun, alive..

Of all the things that have been used to describe me by other people in my dms and comments, the messages that matter most to me are from people who say I’ve made an impact for them by being visible and just being me.

I know lots of people get a sour taste from social media. It comes and goes for me and I take breaks from posting and don’t worry about posting daily etc. I view it as a space that can simply be fun for sharing joy with other people while also being an extremely important outlet & source of much needed inspiration and solidarity with others who are like you.

The first time I ever posted publicly on social media was on tumblr during the darkest days of my life before transitioning. It truly was stretching my hand out and upwards from a dark pit of despair and loneliness. I was in a dangerous place at the time.

All I can say now is thank you to every single supportive person that has ever bothered to acknowledge my existence and especially those who outright supported and encouraged me to continue to be me.

If you feel isolated, unseen, unheard, and think your experience and life do not matter.. you are wrong. You matter. You are alive. Stay alive and dare to be everything you know you can be. Apologize to no one for it.
Grow. Strive. Persevere.

You are your own worst critic and worst obstacle.

I know, I’ve been there.

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Story Time.. about this dress.. It once belonged to my former spouse. I rescued it from a Goodwill donation pile. You see, when I came out, I was told out of ‘concern’ that I would not make an attractive woman. Being attractive has nothing to do with the reasons for transitioning. Note: I already was a woman as my gender (which is different from biological sex) has always actually been very far on the female side of the spectrum. Anyway, I rescued this dress and promised myself I would one day not only fit in it, but totally rock it. Well.. you be the judge. I think I did okay 65+ lbs and 6.5 years of transition later. #JUSTBEYOU #itsalluptoyou #storytime #decadeofari #maidenariana #hazeleyes #nofilter #ringlightselfie #greendressgreeneyes #newhaircolor #transvengers #lgbt #fuschiagirl #blondegirllife #blowoutstyles #heylookitsariana #ihaveapatreon #linksinprofile #instaprofilehasmylinks

Every now and then I’m in a mood where I feel it is time to post a gratuitous gallery. Today is another of those days. I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s weird or silly or craving for attention (whatever). I wanted to take some pictures that made me feel good about me and capture my confidence. I did. Now I’m sharing them. I do what I want. Deal with it. Judge not. Enjoy or enjoy not. Love to those that just enjoy and never critique. Btw.. I’ve been about 200 subscribers short of my YouTube channel goal of 1k for about a month. Please consider subscribing there for free. YouTube is making money off of my content and won’t share any pennies with me until I have 1k subscribers. That’s the only reason I ask. Links in my profile on Instagram. Reposts to tumblr never carry all the images btw if you are seeing this there.
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