Dumping a bunch of my drafts from Instagram that never made it to my blog. These are from the last two months or so. I hope tumblr survives this nonsense they have decided to pull, because a lot of LGBTQ+ people are on here that like myself share their lives and experiences without posting NSFW content. I will see what tumblr is like in the coming weeks and months and decide whether or not to stick with it. As you can see from these backlogged draft posts, I was already stepping back from using it as a main blog. If anyone has followed me here over the past 4 years and wants to keep on following me. My instagram is linked here, but also I have these websites: Main Blog: arianadanielle.com and twitch landing page: maidenariana.com

-Love you all, Ariana

Hi there 😁 How are you?
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