Hey! Are you busy? Covid got you down? Well.. why not drop in on the Transvengers stream tonight to show some love and support for our team. We have been doing a weekly q and a show since Feb 2020 and each week have seen a growing number of hateful trolls attacking us. Some new friendly viewers dropping in just to say hi and to spread some warmth would be appreciated. The trolls will never stop us.. because we are in fact troll stomping bad ass bitches, or at least our moderators are! 7pm Pacific at twitch.tv / transvengers OR visit transvengers.com and scroll down to the “Watch The Stream!” link and you can watch right from your browser. #spreadpositivity #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate #fuschiagirl #decadeofari #fancyskaterdress #ilooklikeakaren #butmynameisariana #imanicegirl