Welp! I’m officially sick. I had a temp of 99.8 today and took some more dayquil. I slept away most of this beautiful afternoon and I am so bummed to be missing nice weather. After sleeping most of the afternoon, I was starving. So, I perked myself up as best I could and headed to my local target for groceries. Just getting dressed and doing my makeup made me feel a little better. I almost convinced myself I’m fine. A target employee was going out to get carts and saw me walking up. He told me a really bad joke that I don’t remember but I cough/laughed quite loudly to it. I think I scared him! Lol #girlslikeus #imsicksendhugs #nofilter #pinkpeekaboohighlights #girlswithglasses #blowoutstyles #blondehair #omgnoglasses #nomakeup #transvengers #twitchaffiliate twitch.tv/maidenariana

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