A Walk Through Ariana’s Thursday 20180222

This is just a post about my Thursday from this week (yesterday). I was invited to dinner by a friend and she and I planned to meet not too far from my office after work. As a result, I tried to plan an outfit that I would be comfortable in for a rather long day. This lilac top is one I found at Clothes Mentor. I did my makeup in such a way as to try to work with the outfit colors and I was really happy with how it turned out. 

When it was time to leave for dinner, I just needed to stop in the restroom at the office and touch things up with a little powder, more eyeliner and lip gloss. I felt like my makeup lasted really well. She and I talked for well over 4 hours at dinner and it went by like it was nothing. We became friends through a mutual friend and this was the first time we got to hang out one on one. It was great 🙂

Other than my hair getting tussled about by the wind, this is how the look held together by the time I walked in after 11pm..

Considering how much of a slim budget I am working with lately, I was really happy with how the outfit came together.

For tonight, (Friday) I am off to the city to take advantage of a friend’s offer of free tickets for a live music show. More details on that later..