I just want to drop a note here to those that follow me on Twitch. Though I have been streaming a little less this week, I just want you all to know I have been working on some fun stuff behind the scenes. I’m putting together some new things for the MaidenAriana YouTube channel as well as for my stream. If I’m going to be bothering to stream or produce something I want it to be of good quality. I hope you all will continue to join me as I explore my hobbies, while I engage & interact with you. Live streaming has been a wonderful outlet for me not only during the pandemic but over the last 4+ years. I’m grateful to all of you that make it so fun and rewarding. Love you all 💘! #maidenariana #twitchaffiliate #fuschiagirl #maidenpeace #transvengers #lgbt #decadeofari #feelinggood #workinghard #linksinprofile

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