How to Recover from a Holiday in Boy Mode

My last post explained how I had to be in boy mode while visiting family at my parents house. My Dad commented that once I got home I would probably spend the evening having fun setting up my new Kindle Fire (it was a nice gift). However, what I really did the moment I got in was take a shower, shave my whole body, wash and condition my hair, then practice doing a straightening blow out 😉 It turned out so nice that I decided to do my makeup (although no eye makeup – thank you glasses!). The pics above are the result. Also, I can’t even accurately describe the difference in how I felt between getting back home in boy mode and then how I felt while taking these pics. After two and half days of dressing how other people want to see me, I was feeling horribly weighed down and just blegggh! Many of you know exactly what I mean. While taking these pictures I just could not stop smiling. I felt lighter than air and like my true self once again.

Don’t get me wrong, I did manage to enjoy my time with my family. My kids were there, so no matter how I am dressed, that improves my overall mood. They are amazing kids. Also, I got to spend time playing with my two year old nephew – he is the son of the sister I have who supports me 100%. Seeing my sister also helped so much. We even had a chance to talk privately while she was finishing wrapping presents. I removed my “boy-mode cover-up sweater” and showed her my “progress” and she was most impressed 😉

Thank you all for the many nice messages and re-blogs of my last post. It meant a lot to me and I was checking my phone often during the last few days. It seemed like there was always a supportive message at just the right time. You ALL ROCK!!


Holiday Dressing Down

This is a collection of photos showing how I wish I could present myself today and tomorrow, followed by how I will be looking as I arrive at my parents house to stay for the next two nights. I will be in what is left of my “boy mode.” I refuse to bind my chest for this, but I will be wearing a bra that does not “promote” the girls 🙂 As long as I don’t stretch or arch my back too much, the girls will stay somewhat hidden (if not, then oh well – they are there!). I will be wearing a nice, but fairly gender neutral sweater tomorrow to dress up a little more for the actual holiday.

Even the allied and axis soldiers in the trenches crossed over to share gifts and have some peace during this time right? I guess I can do what I need to in order to make that happen too. At least for this year… as my transition progresses though everyone is just going to have to get to know the real me.

Anyway, here is a nod to all of you trans men and women who are dealing with family members that do not accept you yet. Stay strong.. don’t let their negativity encroach on your healthy view of yourself. You are valid, you are awesome, you are important!

I had promised to post a few more photos from last week when I went to the Holiday Party.

The first two are from just after leaving the salon. I had my hair blown straight, then curled with a curling iron back into temporary ringlets that I could gently brush out a little more with my fingers before I would leave for the party. I think it turned out pretty well and a little fancier than my normal somewhat unruly curly hair 🙂

The third photo was from a quick bathroom break at Fruitful Yield where I stopped to just get a smoothie.

The fourth pic is me in my coat just before leaving for the night.

Finally pic #5 is a photo at the event I wanted to share once I had permission. This is me and my new friend Mirya. This was the second time we had a chance to hang out at an event like this and have been chatting ever since 🙂 We both have a lot in common and have become fast friends.