Soooooo… I had the guts to do this.. happy birthday to me! My birthday is actually the 18th but last night was a party with a bunch of my friends. So I went for a new cut. (Party pics to be posted later today or in an insta story) It was time to keep my dyed hair more healthy, due to the long length I had I was experiencing some breakage and wanted a break from the maintenance for the summer. I also had been clipping it up lately at about the length I thought I wanted it. For a while, I tested this out both with it straightened and curly. This helped me to be sure I was ready for this cut. It is a stacked bob style and I am in love with the results! Thank you to @katia970 for the amazing cut and as always thanks to @squeeekin for the gorgeous highlights. I love everyone at @zanosalons #newhair #stackedbob #bighairchange #transvengers #nogutsnoglory #girlslikeus #girlswithglasses #peekaboohighlights #summerdress #flowerdress #pinkpeekaboohighlights #blondehair #blowoutstyles #stackedbobcut #lgbtq🌈 #happypridemonth #happypride #twitchaffiliate

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I got my hairs trimmed last night. #haircut #newhair We took a little over an inch off and added some layering while leaving the pieces that frame my face mostly alone. I feel they are a good length now. My color and highlights will be updated very soon as well. I took a chance and changed hair stylists because I was not 100% into what happened with my last couple of trims. So far I am super happy! #girlslikeus #stripedtop #thatstaretho #transvengers #arihasupdatedhergoldenlocks #flatironedhair #blondeforsummer #blondehair #girlswithglasses #twitchaffiliate

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backlogged post from 1/20/19
We’re back in the pink! My gorgeous friend Britany crushed it again with my hair color. I asked her to not only do peekaboo highlights in the back but to add some of the pink to the side. I love it!
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