As the deep cold of winter amidst a pandemic hits.. just remember that Ariana’s chest is spreading Love and Peace.. literally 😅. I’m in my pajamas hunkering down after another big snowfall. I hope you all have warm blankets, candles, and some time to unplug, relax, and recuperate today. 💘 and ✌ to you! #nomakeup #nofilter #nophotomanipulation #ringlightselfie #winterbluesbegone #decadeofari #maidenariana #hazeleyes #blondegirllife #blowoutstyles #blondefuschiahair #peaceandlove #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate #ihaveapatreon #linksinprofile

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Dress 👗 day you say? ( @itszoey90 ) But but but.. isn’t everyday dress day!? This is literally what I threw on after getting out of bed to walk to work and begin my day on my pc 😊 .. tagging some others to play along if they have not already but no pressure @lossy.jossi @bumblebriannah @rachelevegb @mainlymaddison @katie_may_katgurl @peachroof

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The announcement I’ve been alluding to is this.. I am launching an exclusive Patreon account with tons of additional images and content posts, mainly because.. I am writing a book.

It’s going to be much more in depth and much more personal than anything I’ve written before and it’s hard. I have to dig deep and put my mind back through the myriad of emotions both good and bad that I have experienced over the past 5 years. I have been writing snippets, jotting down things to expand on, putting together the chapter outlines and writing as things hit me for years now. But, it’s time to commit to it. It’s also time to involve you.
The commodity I am shortest on is time. I am divorced, with two kids that I heavily support, and paying back a bankruptcy thanks to the divorce. Despite my solid career, my money is currently all spoken for before I ever see it. Any free time and energy I have is usually spent trying to make a little money on the side (by creating websites for small businesses when I can get the work and also hoping to earn a little while streaming on twitch here and there) to ease the financial burden. Even with all that extra effort there were far too many months in 2019 where I barely made ends meet.
If you find what I am doing beneficial, or just enjoy following my story and seeing more of me and my life, please consider checking out what I am now also doing on Patreon and become a Patron.

Many of you know I have been published in the past on HuffPost and can actually sorta kinda write well.. I feel the sky is the limit as to what I can accomplish with your support and being given the greatest gift.. more time to create and advocate!

Over 500 images already added!

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