Please help out my friend Quinn and get access to a hidden gallery of 25 pictures on my website 😉 

My friend and fellow Twitch streamer Quinn needs to renew her hormone therapy prescription and needs the funds to do so. She is employed and is about to start working full time. However, she is at a point where she just can’t afford her medication.

She also is horrible about asking for help even though she needs it.

Being trans and having to go off of your meds is a horrible thing and can lead to increased dysphoria and affect your overall health. I went through a forced medication change due to a drug shortage last year and my levels got really low. I want to do whatever I can to help Quinn avoid the same experience.  

The goal is to raise $95 ASAP. So as incentive to help her out fast.. 

The first 25 of my followers to donate $5.00 or more to Quinn at this link:

.. those followers will get a message via tumblr from me with the link to the special gallery. The picture above is one of the photos I included and it is one that I have never posted anywhere else (there are more that are new as well). 

If we hit the 25 at $5.00 and more of you decide to donate then I will honor this deal up to the first 50 people to help Quinn even more with her financial crunch. She needs this now so this little contract is only good for 5/24/17 and 5/25/17. Please act now if you can!

No, this gallery is not full of nude pictures. I will never be doing that! It is simply some of “Ari’s Top Hits.” They are pictures were I was feeling particularly happy, sexy, or just plain feeling at my best. Each picture is clickable to view the full size photo as well. 

I somehow now have over 9000 followers, I just need a few of you to please help out if you can!


1 – Donate $5 or more here:

2 – Put your tumblr account name in the Donation message to Quinn and she will pass it to me. 

3 – Please be patient and either Quinn or I will send you the link to the gallery via tumblr.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and please help Quinn out if you can. Also, you should check out her Twitch channel and follow her at