A Public Service Announcement from Ms. Ari: Even though you probably don’t need to wear them often during social distancing, earrings are both fun and can help you be expressive. Please remember to wear them at least once a week to keep your ear holes from closing up. No sense in having to pay for new posts once this is all over, right?! Also I want to see some pics posted this week of your coolest/ fave earrings. These are mine. I had lost one in my car for two weeks and I’m so happy to have them both again. BTW.. @meganbound and I are still neck and neck in our 1k YouTube vs Twitch follow contest. Please follow me on twitch after you put your earrings in of course! 😜https://twitch.tv/maidenariana – will stream later today! #PSAspokeswoman #PSA #reminder #letsseethoseearrings #okayyoushouldfollowmegantoo #arianaenjoysboldearrings #earringchallenge #remembertocleanyourearwaxtoomika #girlslikeus #transvengers #nofilter #ringlightselfie #twitchaffiliate #streamingtoday #linkinmyprofile

Just want to warn you all that the catfish accounts are starting. This happened when my tumblr blog grew popular. Please learn how to be sure an account is authentic. I appreciate when my followers let me know about this garbage. Thank you @emilyrebecca9 and Thanks everyone! -Ariana #psa #therecanbeonlyone #youhavebeenwarned #catfishwarning #seriouslypeoplegivethiscrapup

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