I don’t usually post #transformationtuesday posts because there are maybe less than 10 pictures in existence of me as an adult pre-transition without either my kids or other people in the photo. Even then, those that do exist have already been posted on my blog or website or in articles I have published such as those on HuffPost. I’ve decided to begin participating more often though by showing more of my early transition photos in comparison to now. On the left, I was 2 years into my transition and fresh off of yet another laser facial hair removal appointment. The right was from this past Sunday when I went to the #AuroraPrideParade. In both photos, I am feeling like myself, feeling strong, and like a general #badass for living as my #realself It gets better! #girlslikeus #transvengers #TransIsBeautiful #lgbtq🌈 #happypridemonth🌈 #happypride🌈 #transgender #wontbeerased #timeline #girlswithglasses #myhairtransitionedtoo

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