One more quick post before you see my new hair in its final form. This dress was a new Ross find and I love love love it. I streamed in this dress yesterday on Twitch. Much more to come there as I have a 4 day weekend and will be streaming as well as posting to YouTube 😊. Thank you to those that looked up my YouTube channel (MaidenAriana of course) and subscribed for free. If you all get me to 1k subscribers then that means I will at least have a chance at sharing a little of the ad revenue that YouTube soaks up from my upcoming retro tech content. Please help me out there! If you don’t want to wait to see my updated hair then head over to my twitch channel this afternoon. 😘 #linksinprofile #nofilter #ringlightselfie #pinkhighlights💕 #backtoblondeontop #blondegirllife #hazeleyes #summerdress #rossfinds #rossstores #rossdressforless #transvengers #lgbt #instaprofilehasmylinks #maidenariana #decadeofari #twitchaffiliate #ihaveapatreon

Had a late friendsgiving (guess it was a friendmas at this point) at my friend Leah’s place this past weekend. She is quite the creative drink concoctionier. It was a blast and the food was wonderful! I wore my new dark green sweaterdress I picked up at Ross this week. Love it!
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