In the pink!

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I am constantly grateful for having a bestie that is an expert stylist. She helps me have the guts to go for bold color and does not mind when I want to dial it back a notch if we hit a look that makes me feel off or if the color does not take right. This level of pink looks amazing in these ringlight pics but whenever my hair trends back to darker tones I don’t end up wanting to keep it quite that dark. I love a light blonde to bold color fade. Expect to see that in the next photo post as @squeeekin is already helping me get there 👱‍♀️🌸 love you girl! Full size pics on Instagram if you swipe right. #nofilter #ringlightselfie #ringlightpics #hazeleyes #pinkhair #fuschiagirl #decadeofari #tanktopwars #sportsbrawars #maidenariana #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate

Let’s call this my #transvengers test shot. I vanquished a foe today. At least temporarily. I was up until 4am coughing up a storm and driven to some tears because of my extreme fatigue and very sore throat. I finally fell asleep and slept until around 11am. I know what my body needs to beat a cold and thanks to forcing myself to go grocery shopping last night I had what I needed. I started the day with some strong coffee, a large banana, and almond milk vanilla yogurt with some crispy light strawberry granola and raw almonds mixed in. I also drank some water and then prepped my bike for a ride. It was 73 and partly sunny and I had to get out there. With being sick, I wasn’t sure I’d have any energy left once I hauled my bike down from my second story condo. I got out there though and I rode. With all of the recent rain my normal trail was flooded out, so I decided to ride some grass and rock trails I had never taken. They were challenging but fun! My ride was only 4 miles today unlike my usual 9 to 11 mile range, but it was just as challenging with the terrain and so much more rewarding considering the circumstances. This pic is from just after my ride. The endorphins made me feel ready to take on the world and my cold feels absent at least for now. Also.. @mikaelaville keeps challenging us with the #tanktopwars hashtag. Well I’m officially starting the #sportsbrawars hashtag. Who’s next? 😘 #girlslikeus #coldremedy #inspiration #getoutthere #pinkpeekaboohighlights #pigtails #omgnoglasses #blondehair #workout #twitchaffiliate

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