On to the Renaissance Faire! What does Star Trek have to do with the Victorian Age you ask? Well it was steampunk themed weekend at the faire, and I basically took some liberty with the time travel aspect of the theme for the weekend. Some people mix star wars and steampunk and I had this costume from Halloween so.. there you go. (I know it is a fringe steampunk thing at best). I can’t afford a steampunk outfit at the moment, okay!


Let’s walk the faire!


It was not long before I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a blue police box just sitting in the corner. I almost missed it.. You know it is not everyone that actually would notice something like that..


Alas.. there was no one with a key nearby to see what it was all about 😉

So.. we moved on. 

Later, a young man was calling to me to get my attention, but my communicator was buzzing me. It was my friend Megan whom we were trying to meet up with. So, I had to take it. The guy acted all hurt. It turns out he was one of the performers and wanted to show me something.. he had a communicator too…


He was very tall! I was wearing my standard Starfleet issue boots of course so I was an inch taller than normal!

We met up with my other friends and had a grand old time. They talked me into joining the costume contest, but I knew I would not win as I was barely in the steampunk genre. 


Still, I got lots of compliments from passersby. I had to return the Vulcan salutation, “Live Long and Prosper” on multiple occasions. I was told, “great dress,” “you nailed your cosplay,” etc. I was asked, “Hey, science officer! How is it you found yourself here?” To which, I answered, “..the captain went too fast around the sun!” Also, two different people told me the same joke.. “good work on leaving the red shirt at home”. One performer came up to me and said, “Let me guess.. you are on the holo-deck and you are the only one here that is real!” 

The people at Ren Faire are great. I also just got many smiles and nods as we walked around. Wives were smacking their husbands and pointing out my costume. It was a little disconcerting having all that attention, but I am getting a little better about being okay with it. In fact, I was interviewed along with two of my friends and we are on the Ren Faire Facebook page right now: https://www.facebook.com/bristol.faire/

If you scroll down to Posts and look for one with a caption “Steampunk gathering at the Bristol Renaissance Faire!“ you can find us. I was a little nervous with the camera in my face and I think it showed. But, who cares! It was fun!

We watched several shows and of course the jousting event. It was overall very nice weather, but still a bit hot in costume.

I hope you all have had a lovely day. I may stream some gaming tonight while still in my Science Officer uniform if I don’t pass out on the sofa. I am tired from lots of sun and walking and not enough liquids. After I recharge a bit I may post an announcement for the stream.

Love you tumblr!



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