Guess who went back to blonde yesterday! 😉

My colorist thought it was going to take even one more treatment to get to this point but my hair had other ideas yesterday and I am already VERY blonde for the warmer weather (which I hope is right around the corner). 


I am so happy to have this color again. I liked trying out violet (mulled wine) and red as I stair-stepped back to blonde this winter, but my natural color or blonde are the colors I feel most at home in. The brighter blonde just makes me feel happy, an effect much like a sunny day. 


I did not post on tumblr yesteday during #TransDayOfVisibility because I had to go from the salon and right out to a friends birthday celebration. I was subsequently hit on by a guy at the pizza place we went to. He somehow asked all of the “first date interview” questions in about a 4 minute conversation. I was not interested but hey it was flattering 🙂

I did have time to tweet as I was getting ready to go to the party. Here is the tweet I sent out for 



These were the full pics if you click on them:


That is the first time I had shown the skin graft scar from my gender confirmation surgery. There is a matching one on the other side. 

To all trans people, many of us are choosing to stay visible even after surgery and after we are “passing.” Why do I do it? Simple. I am completely and totally unashamed to be trans. You should not be either. You do not have to be posting publicly to make an impact. Live your life, be open and make personal connections, and you will automatically be a part of changing this world and the harmful societal norms pushed on people. As more and more people come to know that transgender people are just people living their lives, views change. I mean we are definitely not like everyone else, most of us are exceptional people on many levels after during hardship and still being here. Put simply, we rock! 

Watch out oppressive societies everywhere! The visible trans brigade is here to stay!