Halloween is my Re-Birthday.. 6 years HRT, 65 lbs lost, GRS, BA, many new friends found and this woman is finally herself not just inside but also out. This is the full widescreen video as posted to my YouTube (please visit and subscribe for future videos). Audio is Shadowing by Corbyn Kites used with permission. #transgender #transgenderwoman #rebirthday #maidenariana #decadeofari #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate #girlslikeus #postopandnoregrets #happierthanever #thisiswhattranslookslike #TransIsBeautiful #gendertransformation #gendertransition

As many of us look at the prospect of missing our friends at least in person for a while, I want to share a post about lasting friendship.

The photo with this post says a thousand words on its own. This past February, my friend Eric and I recreated a photo his mom took of us over 30 years ago.

Eric and I shared a love for technology and experienced the evolution of personal computing together, both being lucky enough to have parents that encouraged our interest. We were very ahead of our time 😉

Our strong friendship, though centered around our common hobbies, also had a lot to do with our shared temperament. We spent countless hours learning about computers and creating things with them, not just playing games. Because of that shared time, I have the career I have now.

We had so much in common it was uncanny, except for one very big difference that would become obvious many years later.

While I considered Eric to be like a same aged brother from another mother, it would not be until many years later that he learned I was actually his sister from another mother.

Though we’ve lived in separate states for many years now, he was the first person I fully came out to as transgender. His response was exactly what I would have expected. A response filled with care, acceptance, and offers of support.

In many ways telling him was the first step to me being able to be the open and honest person I am today with the world at large.

Be there for your friends, with real support and emotion, and don’t be afraid to be your true self with your friends. It makes a huge difference in their lives no matter their location on this planet. Let’s all draw closer together during this time and let people know we care.

Thank you Eric! Love you buddy! Your sister, Ariana 🙂

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Okay you all.. I kind of had abandoned my blog on tumblr after it seemed like tumblr was dying off.. but it is still here and so are a lot of good people. So, I have 6 months worth of Instagram and website blog posts to catch up on posting here to tumblr! I will be posting 5 to 10 a day to catch up! Sorry for taking over your feed for a bit! -Ariana

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Having celebrating Easter yesterday with family, I went on an hour long 9 mile bike ride today and had a pinecone fall a foot from my head, met some bluegill at my favorite Forest Preserve, saw a huge 3.5 to 4 foot Crane (I think that’s a crane), and some black birds lurking in trees that looked like vultures. Oh and I swallowed a bug and also caught several in my cleavage. 😬 It was a blast ☺ After a much needed shower and a little prep time for a very exciting trip I’m taking this week, it is GoT tonight with friends!
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