Random Picture Post – Wonderful but Tough Times

I had a bit of a rough weekend. Major crying fits last night. Fell asleep about 3 am, got up briefly in the morning then went back to sleep until about 2:45 pm today. Could be hormones, but it was more likely where my thoughts were stuck focusing. I was missing my kids. After spending about 30 hours with them, I came back to an empty apartment and broke down crying. I love them so much and wish my transition was not costing us all so much. Also, this week is going to be challenging. I should be getting the first draft of my divorce agreement to review this week. Also, I have been talking with a supportive HR person I have found at work. We are going to have a conference call with my manager this Wednesday and I am going to come out to him. I am terrified but excited about that. I work from home for a conservative company based in the South (I live in the suburbs of Chicago). I love my job and want to hold onto it so I am worried. Still, that overriding hope has found its way back to the forefront of my mind again. Please send positive thoughts my way this week!

Overall, in spite of the rough weekend, the past two weeks have been amazing. I spent most of it being able to be myself. I saw a podiatrist (foot doctor – she was awesome and treated me like any woman) about an issue that was preventing me from wearing my more fun shoes and got good news about that. I had my second laser hair removal appointment and an electrolysis appointment for an area other than my face. *Ahem*

Anyway, I just want to share that even though I felt incredibly beat down, weak, and just plain overwhelmed on Saturday night/early Sunday – I am doing my best to blaze forward and be confident that things will all work out.

I wish you all the best.