9/22/2017 9pm Central

Twitch stream is firing up now! http://twitch.tv/maidenariana 

Please keep in mind subscriptions are only $2.50 until October 4th if you wish to support my stream and LGBTQ+ friendly Twitch channel 😉


If you can, please consider helping me partially cover my upcoming surgery costs. Even small amounts are a huge help with the power of re-blogs and the number of followers out there. Time is starting to run out to help as I need to put money down soon and also I have a couple of specific preparation appointments coming up that I need to pay for .. http://youcaring.com/helparianaout

Thank you in advance if you can help at all

Twitch stream firing up now! http://twitch.tv/maidenariana

I had a bunch of pre-work trip errands and tasks to take care of today. Such as painting my nails. This polish looks like a unicorn licked my finger tips, no joke! 😉

I plan to wear a lot of black and grey on my work trip and this polish should work well.

Anyhow, if you can, please join our friendly Twitch community to hang out and close out the weekend. 


Also, please consider giving to my you caring for my upcoming planned surgery. Only if you can! I know there are many in need right now with the recent storms so please weigh all of that if you do have money to give.


Long post about it here: http://ariana-tg.tumblr.com/post/164346028861/ariana-tg-08-18-2017-ari-is-asking-for-some

Who’s that girl? 


No, really, I am not used to seeing my hair THAT LONG when it is still curly..


Just kidding! It is me in a Ross dressing room looking for a cheap dress to bring to Birmingham next week on my next work trip. Of course, I took the opportunity to try on some fun dresses too. I like to try stuff that I sometimes would normally discount right away, like this jumper with a strange long partial gown..

Very fun, but alas, it would put me over the $20 I set aside to find something…

Hmm, this one is fun, but maybe too short for the office..

Finally though, I found the one.. and it is on clearance for $8.49!


Now that those are posted, here is a little collage that Google photos made for me. I was selfie taking in the bathroom at work again 😉

Anyhow, a quick announcement! I am going to stream on my Twitch channel (http://twitch.tv/maidenariana) starting at 9:30 pm tonight (9/14/2017) – so just in a few minutes. I am happy to announce that Twitch approved my first emote. After a failed attempt that I submitted, they gave me some tips on cleaning it up and I really like it. This emote (the emote is much smaller than this initial graphic I worked up) will be available for all of the Twitch users that subscribe to my channel. You can use the emote anywhere on Twitch! So, you can show your trans pride wherever you may roam!

Not too bad considering I really don’t use GIMP much (that’s the program I used). 

Ooh look at that! It is almost time to stream. Get on over here to hang out with MaidenAriana’s Twitch community and maybe subscribe to score your emote!


The stream will be up momentarily!

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Also, please see my post from last month, it is very important to me: