This is it! My last solid meal before surgery!!

So ready to do this!

Who is up for a quick “Goodbye for Now” stream?

I am going to fire up my twitch channel in at about 9:40pm central tonight (11/13). 

This is going to be my last stream for probably a couple of weeks due to my surgery recovery.

One last time, I am going to put my donation link on a post.. I am so incredibly grateful to those who have decreased the financial burden I am facing for my surgery. It is incredible what crowdfunding can do! Thank you!

I hope you can join us on my twitch channel tonight!


My website:


Special Star Trek Online stream tonight! 

Before I put my star trek science officer outfit back into my closet, I thought I would do a cosplay stream tonight. I have created a character in Star Trek Online with a similar outfit and plan to begin playing the TOS (The Original Series) story line in that game. 

I know nothing about that version of the game so I hope it is fun!

Please join my LGBTQ+ friendly stream. I only have a couple of streams left before I will be out for some time to recover from surgery.


Stream Should be up by 6:30 pm central 11/05/2017

My Twitch channel is:

Please give me a follow there, or if you would like to help support my channel then please subscribe to channel either by credit card/paypal or by using a free Twitch Prime subscription (anyone with Amazon Prime can subscribe to one Twitch channel for free each month – ).

Every subscription or donation made from my channel’s page will help me bring retro and modern gaming content to you. You get to see my smiling face and chat with our wonderful little community too!


For anyone who would like to (if my blog, articles, website, or streaming has helped you out) please consider donating to my youcaring page at

The cost of my surgery is of course high and I am able to do this thanks to my own funds and donations already received. However, anyone willing to offset some of the cost I am incurring is hugely appreciated. -Ari