So, I was offered a chance to go to San Francisco for a two day stay (free airfare and hotel) and I am now here! More details later and expect a photo roll post sometime Sunday night!


Maybe a little over dressed for errands, but I was feeling the black and white theme 😉

My surgery recovery is still going well. I am planning to work from home on Friday, which will mean the most standing I have been doing in one day since my surgery. Friday will also mark 30 days post surgery. Taking the time to look nice and running these errands today (post op day 28) was a good test of my ability to be on my feet for an extended period of time. I did not feel wiped out like I did after my follow-up appointment and grocery shopping last week. Considering the usual recovery period is 6 weeks before returning to work, I am feeling good about my progress.

Oh, and as far as the dilation schedule I mentioned earlier, I have been able to keep to it without issue so far. Of course with starting work again I will need to just plan ahead to allow time for it in my day.

My biggest complaint about dilation is the added cost. Between ky jelly (not cheap), antibacterial soaps, betadine (stupid expensive) and vinegar for douching.. it adds up. My errands today included replenishing a lot of those supplies already!


Hi everyone. It has been a while since I have posted. I want to post a well written update of how my recovery has been going the last week and will try to do so tomorrow at my standing work desk.

Rest assured, I am well and doing my best to get the rest I need. I have an appointment tomorrow to have the additional stitches removed (the ones that I had to be rushed to the hospital for during my setback the first week at home).

Look for a post late tomorrow or early Thursday.