I am so glad you are still here!

I have received many wonderful and supportive comments on my recent 3 Year HRT Anniversary (my re-birthday) post from yesterday. One particular message I received as an Ask in tumblr stopped me in my tracks though. If you can’t read the screenshot above, here is the text..

“*suicide tw* Hi! I just wanted to say thank you. Your transition timeline post literally helped save my life today. I had a suicide plan drawn up this morning and I was 50/50 on attempting. I’m trans but closeted and things have been incredibly hard lately. Your honesty about your journey, your struggles, and how you’ve overcome them gave me enough hope to carry on. Sorry for the long Ask, but I just wanted to say thank you again. I hope you’re having a happy Halloween.”

Knowing their message could help others, I asked if I could share the message and whether or not the submitter wanted me to include their message and name. They said I could include their info. Please send this person some love and give them a follow. 

This is why I try to keep my blog, website, and story up to date. I have received messages like this before with varying levels of urgency in where the person was at in their struggles. Transgender people of all ages need to see themselves represented positively and see that they are able to be out of the closet and just live their life and find love and acceptance. We will not continue to be erased, made villains or scapegoats, and used for political votes, if those that are able continue to stand up and present ourselves to the world. Our narrative should be ours to tell. Our society is so broken regarding its treatment of transgender people. With modern science’s understanding of the validity of transgender existence, there should be NO STIGMA (#NOSTIGMA). Suicide rates for transgender people are the way they are because of continued misunderstanding, the perpetuation of old biased science and myths, hateful bigotry and misogyny.


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