Yah I’m looking at you and I see you for what you truly are… a unique person, a wonderful creation, meant to just be the way you are no matter what the world tells you.. so.. what’s stopping you? Here’s a hint.. usually it ultimately comes down to just ourselves being in our own way. Fear is real, but it is also able to be conquered. patreon.com/maidenariana
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Yesterday was a great get stuff done day. I put together a furniture unit that was sent to me via my Amazon wish list. I’m blown away and very grateful that someone sent this. You touched off a day of reorganizing my main living space that made me feel so refreshed and inspired. It’s not in its final resting place yet. I’m literally still moving items from 3 different shelving units to make best use of the additional storage. I love the 70s/ early 80s look of this unit to go along with my retro PC tech. I’m going to store my 5.25 and 3.5 floppies in this unit! In other news, my Patreon followers will get a gallery update later tonight 😘 patreon.com/maidenariana
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