Not long before bed, makeup off, hair mussed all up.. still feeling absolutely myself – boy mode your days are so very numbered!



What transitioning has done both to and for me in 2015

Family – my marriage is ending and at least one family member won’t speak to me, although my kids still love me unconditionally

Friendships – have not lost any yet (the few I had are still around), and gained some new ones

Weight – down about 35 lbs from the time of the “before” photos above (overall weight loss over 50 lbs since early 2014)

Cholesterol – from high and needing medication to perfect scores with no medication needed

Confidence in self – way.. way up

Being out in public as my true self – from never to nearly full time

Self Confidence – also way up!

Happiness – from the most painful year of my life to unending hope for the future

Breasts – from falsies to “Oh baby I have actual B cups!”

Strength – lost a lot of muscle, but I have NEVER been STRONGER!

Overall body shape – curves in many new places 😉

Age – I started HRT at age 40 on Halloween of 2014, I am now 41

It is never too late to figure out how to be your authentic self!!

Happy 2016 Everyone! I love my tumblr followers. Thank you so much for your messages of support. They have always come when needed most. This has been the most painful, most difficult, most stressful, happiest, and perhaps healthiest year of my life. I have made it through a lot but there are still many challenges ahead. Buckle Up for the Year of Ari 😉


EDIT 01/20/16: The last photo had some weird lighting so I posted a more recent pic

I got my ears pierced!!

Okay, now that the big news is out of the way 🙂 I also had a killer first week of 2016. I did declare this “The Year of Ari,” and it is off to a great start. These pics are in reverse order because I wanted to lead with my shiny new ears 😉

Tonight I got a light trim on my hair and had it styled straight just for fun. Then, I was off to the Piercing Pagota in the center aisle of a busy mall where the lovely Cindy pierced my ears 🙂 She was great and had fun working with me I think. We took a few tries to get the marks in the right spots on my ears. I got the square princess cut piercing earrings (posts). I am so excited 🙂

Moving onto yesterday, I had gone to Ikea (the day before yesterday) and purchased new artwork for my apartment. It feels so good to decorate with artwork that I feel a connection to 🙂 I bought some lovely feminine prints that I framed. I am going to hang them this weekend. For now they are on the new desk I built for my daughter to use when she is here.

That night, I went to Payless and purchased back some boots I had actually returned. The clerk joked that I have a love/hate relationship with them and she sees it all the time – lol! She also told me she loved my makeup. I don’t care if Payless employees are trained to be that nice or not… l love the compliments 🙂 After Payless, I went to Kohl’s and bought 3 sweaters that were an insane 70% off.

I have other new items that I used to decorate my apartment. I will have to show those in a new post this weekend though since I hit the 10 pic limit.

What a great week 🙂 It helps a ton that I switched to Laser hair removal instead of electrolysis. With electrolysis I had to grow out the facial hair each week (yuck!), but with laser I need to keep it all as closely shaved as possible(woot!),  so now I don’t have to be in boy mode the first part of each week anymore – yay!

luv you all,