Halloween is my Re-Birthday.. 6 years HRT, 65 lbs lost, GRS, BA, many new friends found and this woman is finally herself not just inside but also out. This is the full widescreen video as posted to my YouTube (please visit and subscribe for future videos). Audio is Shadowing by Corbyn Kites used with permission. #transgender #transgenderwoman #rebirthday #maidenariana #decadeofari #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate #girlslikeus #postopandnoregrets #happierthanever #thisiswhattranslookslike #TransIsBeautiful #gendertransformation #gendertransition

originally posted 3/12/20 Individually posted these to my story as well. I love this dress but it is one of those patterns that can cause it to look 3D if you relax your eyes. I’m a walking stereogram. Maybe that’s why people were watching me.. 🕶 Work was great today and finally heading home with the sun shining feels amazing. Patreon update tonight! Patreon.com/maidenariana
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The perfect winter work from home outfit. That’s right ladies.. this has a hand warming pass thru “pocket”. You may begin swooning with jealousy over it now 😅 I love this outfit, so soft and comfy (and no bra 🏐🏐), I’m in heaven. Anyway, back to visual studio I go! patreon.com/maidenariana
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